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Elections for NANP Board of Directors is now underway!

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September 2013

CurrentNews: This is a short list of projects we're working on.

2014 NANP Convention in Pensacola

2015 NANP Convention in San Diego

For information on the Shoot Off schedule go to Visual Media One's Facebook page.

Christmas Card Album: I'm collecting Photolab Christmas cards for a new album. If you have one stashed away some place please scan it and email it to me.


January 2013

Building 1500 Photo Museum Update

Updated February 24, 2014

Sponsor of the NANP Convention/Navy Photographers Reunion (TM)

2014 NANP Convention Update!

Hotel information and Reservations

Favorite Links Page

I have rebuilt the favorite links page and I'll be adding new links as people submit them to me. Take a look at the new format and if you have a website you want added to the list please send a "description" in ten words or less and the URL to the NANP Webmaster, Subject line "Links".

Spring 2014 Newsletter is on the site!

Lots of good information including a message from our new NANP President John White, updates on upcoming events and an article about the Building 1500 renaming ceremony by Art Giberson.

March Shoot Information

Everything you need to know about signing up and attending the March 2014 DC Shoot Off!

Historical Photos

Just a reminder that I'm still gathering historical photos including Christmas Cards.

This photo came from Photographer's Mate 1st Class Thomas Doughty's collection via Lee Sherry.

"Here is a photo that shows all the photography group in front of a Douglas P2D-1 Patrol Aircraft. Probably at North Island, California."

Renaming Ceremony for Building 1500!

History of Building 1500

Rehabbing the Periscope Room


NAS Barbers Point Project

The Executive Board has voted to support placing NAS Barbers Point on the list of "Cold War Ear Locations" and we are asking for your suppport in the form of information. If you were stationed at NAS Barbers Point and have stories about your experiences there in relationship to the Cold War we'd love to hear about them. Any VP PH or IS, Patwing or Communications folks with unclassified stories are what we're looking for.

The original idea for the project came from Mr. John Bond, a historian living in Ewa Beach, Hawaii and I've included his email to better explain the project.

First Pacific Cold War Patrol Museum blog post: I have just posted my first blog about the proposed Pacific Cold War Patrol Museum to outline the general concept. I am also getting some good declassified technical info from retired Navy vets about the buildings that helps bring more things into focus. I am hoping now that the Navy has their own Cold War museum at the Washington Navy Yard that there could be a similar project now out at former Barbers Point. This area and the State of Hawaii agency that runs it is completely clueless about how to use the remarkable history of this place to create attractions and learning centers for schools, visitors, etc. This museum project will attract, I hope, some support from the Navy which still technically owns this property and also from some corporate sponsors, such as Lockheed or other military contractors that have made a lot of money from the Cold War and subsequent wars on terror. This would be a great way to give back to the community and also create a positive imprint on the rapidly growing West Oahu community that there is some very important history out here that should be preserved.

John Bond
Pacific Cold War Museum

If you havd unclassified information that might help Mr. Bond get NAS Barbers Point added to the List of Cold War Era Locations please send it to him directly at

NANP Is not responsible for any information passed to Mr. Bond in support of his project.


Petty Officer and Long Beach Local Captures Typhoon Haiyan Relief Through Photography

Read the full story on the Long Beach Post Website:


American POW's 40 years later

This is a link to a youtube video that's worth watching. Please take a few minutes to remember and honor those who made it back and those who didn't.


NANP has joined the effort to turn USS Wisconsin BB-64 into a floating museum.

USS Wisconsin BB-64

NANP has been granted permission to rehab the photolab onboard USS Wisconsin BB-64.
More information including how and where to volunteer your time to assist in the project will be posted as soon as I get it.


Looking for Photolab Christmas cards and Class Pictures.

I'd like to collect as many Photolab Christmas cards and Class pictures as we can and build an album around them. If you have any old photos or Christmas cards stuffed away in a box, please scan them in and send them to me. I can't be the first person to think of this so I know someone out there has a trunk full of this stuff! If you have lots of these and don't have a way to scan them, send them to me via USPS or whatever service you choose and I'll take care of the rest. Send me an email using the Contact form and we'll work out the details.



Some of you know I'm trying to expand the website's section on Biographies and link everything to the portraits. My goal is to link Bios and Memorials to our portraits so everything is in one spot. It's easier for me to manage and it just makes sense. I've seen this need for a long time but it wasn't until Ed Carr passed away that it hit home for me. There really hasn't been a place on the website for us to talk about what we did while we're all still around to read it! Memorial serve an important roll in making sure we're not completely forgotten as human beings but everything we did as Sailors is lost and forgotten and that's just not right.

Take a look at these three people: Eddie Adams; Bob Herskovitz and Anna Clark. It doesn't take long to write something up and scan in a few photos and I encourage you to take the time. We still have a few Pearl Harbor survivors and those stories need to be preserved along with stories from every era for as far back as we can go to what happened yesterday.

To add your biography to the site I'll need the photos you want to include and the written document in word form. You can even paste it into an email and send it to me.

I do have two criteria: you must be a Life Member of NANP and 2nd.... try to keep your facts as close to reality as you can...because the older I get the better I was! :)


Sponsor A Sailor Program:

NANP's Sponsor a Sailor program is becoming the cornerstone of our assoication.
This is how we actually "Do What We Can Do!" The page has a more detailed discription of where we are and where I think we should be going. There are a few significant changes coming and as members of the association you need to be kept up to date and please voice your opinion. This association doesn't operate in a vacuum but without your input it might as well. Get involved and make a difference!


Photomate Database:

This is one of the main reasons this site exist and we need to keep it updated. If you or someone you know isn’t on the list please submit the name to Ralph. Use the online Photomate database form.
This isn’t the same as the NANP Membership Database which list only NANP Members. The photomate database is for anyone associated with Naval Photography in any manor what so ever and is not restricted to NANP members. If you’re looking for old shipmates as far back as WWII, this is the first place to look.